Give your home a relationship.
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SquareLease builds rental relationships between landlords and tenants.

We match homes with the right people, based on transparent, detailed information and a simplified leasing process -- literally improving how people live.

Homeowners gain an instant, breathtaking online presence -- Backed by a groundbreaking, professional-grade property management suite just like the big companies.

It's all offered to landlords in a low-cost subscription on a per-property basis.

All of our services are completely FREE for tenants!

Say goodbye to application fees and writing on paper. Everything is digital and pulled from our in-house data.

Say hello to LeaseScore™: The first true rental credit scoring system.

LeaseScore™ is a rental worthiness score, initially established from an intelligently analyzed credit report. From there, scores evolve from actual, detailed leasing history within the SquareLease platform.

The credit bureaus can't offer this because their rental scoring services rely solely on a generalized credit report algorithm. To put it in perspective, imagine skimming the back cover of a book for a summary, versus opening the book and reading the chapter that matters to you.

Traditional rental scores and rental application approvals involve manual, expensive, and slow results based on shallow credit reporting.

LeaseScore™ is automated, included in every subscription, and usually instant. What's more is that it covers insights never before seen.

We know if a tenant has been late on rent, evicted, broken a lease, or damaged property. A LeaseScore™ applies to landlords as well. We know if a repair went unfixed, deposits were unjustly kept, and much more.

The bottom line is accountability and fairness. Bad credit does not equal a bad tenant; good credit does not equal a good tenant.

Renting a home is not just a business transaction, it's a relationship.

You're entrusting a stranger with your most valuable of possessions. On the other hand, renting is one of the most costly obligations you'll ever work for.

Simple access to payments, repairs, documents, and communication is everything in maintaining a positive experience; yet it's still not a feasible offering for most homeowners until now.

Our rental relationships begin with finding a great match, based on mutually fitting rental requirements from both the landlords and the tenants.

These matchmaking filters mean that only qualified applicants or listings will be shown to you.

Everyone gets along better with documentation and upfront information.

Every step in the rental process is handled online, including legal documentation for applications and move-out checklists.

Over the course of your lease, you'll be creating a documented leasing history that accompanies you to throughout your leasing life.

During the application phase, you can view a complete and detailed leasing history of any landlord or tenant prior to renting.

During the move-in and move-out phase, we verify from both parties that everything is kosher in the form of signed or timestamped photos and checklists. This establishes rock solid documentation about the condition of your place from beginning to end.

As a tenant, you will also know upfront what sort of typical fees are assessed and taken from your deposits, if any.

All of this drastically reduces the occurrence of landlord-tenant issues or disputes!